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TVS Scanner

Indian Barcode Corporation is India’s leading importers and distributors of all kinds of laser barcode scanners. We have all ranges of handheld, handsfree, tabletop, in-counter,wireless Bluetoothscanners. We have all models of TVS. We are topmost seller for TVS Products in India; we are having in-house stock of approximately all kind of scanners at any time.

Products of TVS Scanner

TVS BSL 301 Platina Laser Scanner


TVS Electronics presents the new BS-L301 Platina – An Omni directional scanner representing high durability and superior Ergonomics, yet an affordable solution for every Indian Retailer. This easy-to-use scanner allows faster checkouts and gives your employees more time to assist customers – enhancing customer satisfaction. It has the capability to track and trace your sales and inventory, thereby eliminating errors and lowering costs.


Powerful Scanning Performance – With a 20 scan line omnidirectional scan pattern, it has unbeatable first read success rate.

Express Speed – With a speed of 1,200 scans per second, BS-L301 Platina improves throughput at checkout, increasing counter productivity translating to higher customer service.

Extremely Versatile – Adjust the angle of the scanner to target the barcodes or objects. Has the ability to tilt 300 – Highly flexible.

Single line scan option – With a single push button, the scanner allows the user to scan hard-to-read or multiple barcodes on any object and it is ideal for menu scanning.

TVS BSC 101 Star Linear Scanner


With Ultra scan decoding technology that can decode a majority of 1D barcodes as well as GS1 Data Bar, TVS BS-C 101 Star has a plug and play design that is durable and can withstand drop from 5 feet.
TVS Electronics BSC-101 Star is a high speed CCD scanner. It has a scan rate of 330 scans per second, which is the highest among its competitors. Empowered with Ultra scan decoding technology it can decode a majority of 1D barcodes as well as GS1 Data Bar.


Number of Pixels – It has 2500 pixels which increases the resolution of the scanner and helps in better decoding of Barcodes.

High Scan Rate – The scan speed of 330 scans per second is highest in this category of scanners making it the fastest in its class.

High Depth of Field – Depth of field of up to 300 mm enables decoding from larger distances.

Lower PCS (Print Contrast- Signal) – Lower PCS pixels decodes faded barcodes.

Auto Sense / Hands Free – It is enabled with auto sense technology making it convenient to use in Hands free mode.

Rugged Body – Able to withstand drops of up to 1.5 m.

TVS BSL 104 Platina Laser Scanner


TVS BS-L 104 Patina is a very High Speed scanner supporting 1 D bar code, GS1 Data bar and PDF417. Its unique Z-SCAN+ technology guarantees real time scanning and accuracy with unbeatable first read success rate.
TVS Electronics BS-L104 Platina is a very high speed 1D scanner. It has a scan rate of 500 scans per second which is almost five times its nearest competitor. It is enabled with a unique Z-SCAN+ technology which guarantee real time scanning and accuracy, ensuring an unbeatable first read success rate. The 32 – bit microprocessor allows it to read most 1D barcode types, GS1 Data bar and PDF417.


Scan Rate – The scan speed of 500 scans per second (which is about five times the scan rate of its nearest competitor) makes it the fastest in its category.

Interfaces – USB-Standard; RS-232C and Wand (Optional)

PDF417 Decoding Capability – It has the ability to Decode PDF 417.

Auto Sense/Hands Free – It is enabled with auto sense technology making it convenient to use in Hands free mode

Adjustable Stand – Can be used for different sizes of goods.

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