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PmLabels is the Best manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Labels In India

PmLabels is the manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Labels In India

PM Labels Established 1997 at New Delhi, India.  We Are manufacturer and supplier of wide and extensive variety of Labels, Tags, Stickers and Ribbons.

We are the manufacturer and biggest supplier of Pharma Labels, Holographic labels ,Holographic Stickers ,Automotive Labels ,Beverage Labels ,food labels ,Agricultural Chemical Labels ,Household Product Labels ,Agricultural Pesticide Label ,Store Brand Labels ,Plant Labels ,Food and Nutritional Labels ,Spirits Labels ,Labels for seed packets.

For any Suggestion and Query regarding Labels Design and Manufacture call us 9717122688 (India) and Mail us Gm@pmlabels.com

Pharma Labels

Pharma Labels pmlabels the manufacturer of Pharma Labels
Pmlabels the manufacturer of Pharma Labels

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of Pharma labels. The Pharma industry is very diverse when it comes to labeling and we understand the very specific needs of our clients in this sector when it comes to hygiene, manufacturing and storage. Selecting the right label material and label manufacturer is crucial. Whatever your requirements, we can help specify and design the right Pharma label for your application. We also have expertise in anti-fraud labeling applications to protect your brand and the customers’ health.

Uses of Pharma Labels

All Labels printed for use in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry are required to be designed and applied so they can remain in place and be read in different environments through distribution, storage and use.

The Label print must be legible and will remain that way thought the product’s life span. Product manufacturers are responsible for complying with content and format requirements.

Holographic labels

Holographic labels manufacturer in india PMlabels
Holographic labels manufacturer in india PMlabels

Holographic labels shine your products and allow your product stand out from the crowd.

Uses of Holographic labels

*Businesses often use holographic labels and stickers for security and authenticity labeling.

* Holographic labels give the impression of quality to any product and create an authentic air that makes a product instantly more appealing.

PMLabels is the best quality manufacturer on a range of self-adhesive holographic label materials to meet your specific needs. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for all manner of applications, you can order holographic labels to make up the entirety of your label design, or simply order additional holographic stickers to furnish your existing product labels.

Few Points that you should buy Holographic labels from PMLabels

* Over-printed in 1 or full colour

* These holographic labels feature high-quality

* Eye-catching designs that can be personalized

* Custom printed to suit your specific needs

* your can Print your own brand with this Labels.

* Support to Print wording and images.

Automotive Labels

Automotive Label Manufacturer by PMlabels
Automotive Label Manufacturer by PMlabels

High quality automotive labels for all environments

PMLABELS offers automotive labels that enhance your manufacturing operation. We can help you design the label or card, produce the finished product, and also supply thermal transfer label printers to print the relevant information required. Labels have to withstand such demanding environments as automotive labels. Many of these labels must cope with conditions in the engine compartment, where temperature extremes and exposure to such liquids as brake fluid, engine oil and screen wash can compromise printed information, adhesives or both .Labels used in the automotive parts industry have to be tough to stand up to the harsh environments where they are used. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good, too.

Bright, colorful consumer parts labels need to add life and value to your packaging while OEM parts need durable labels for identification, dating and usage information. And because parts conterfeiting is a problem, security labels are needed to assure customers that they are getting original manufacturer-quality products.

Beverage Labels

Beverage Labels manufacture by PMlabels
Beverage Labels manufacture by PMlabels

PMLABELS early success in the labels market has made us the industry’s leading supplier for beverage labels. We work with major brand owners across all segments of the beverage industry, including water, juice, tea, soda and other ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages.

We take a different approach than most companies and proactively seek out ways to maximize your cost savings without sacrificing quality. This consultative, customer-oriented approach has made us one of the leading suppliers of water, juice, tea and soda labels in India. Our label offerings will give you the most accurately sized, consistently running labels on the market, translating to cost savings on your product lines.

Our water, juice, tea, soda and RTD beverage labels options include:

  • White, metalized or specialty paper Cut & Stack labels
  • Pressure Sensitive labels in white or specialty paper
  • White, clear, or metalized film Pressure Sensitive labels
  • Roll-Fed Shrink labels in clear film
  • Cut and Stack or Roll-Fed Injection In-Mold labels
  • Film Blow Mold labels

Our Labels Manufacturing expertise focus on quality also allow us to offer you better performing labels that reduce issues on your production lines, helping you streamline your process, improve throughput and lower your total cost. We understand brand owners within this industry have specific needs, especially with seasonality changes. Our experience with developing customized solutions makes inland a valuable partner.

PMLabels is the Industrial labels Manufacturer in Dwarka and NCR Region (India), for any Query and suggestion regarding Industrial Labels, please contact us-+91-9717122688 or Email us at-gm@pmlabels.com

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